Scientific program


Preliminary list of speakers and topics

  E.-C. Aschenauer (BNL)

Experimental review of hadron multiplicities and fragmentation functions

  M. Boglione (INFN/Univ. Torino)

Transverse momentum distributions – Q2 evolution 

  F. Bradamante (Univ. Trieste)

Highlights of the workshop

  V. Burkert (JLAB)

The JLAB 12 GeV project 

  V. Drach (DESY Zeuthen)

Recent progress in Lattice QCD

  A. Ferrero (CEA - Saclay)

COMPASS II: experiment and physics case 

  B. Grube (TUM Munich)

Spectroscopy at COMPASS and related experiments 

  A. Guskov (JINR Dubna)     

Experimental review of Primakoff reactions 

  M. Kreps (Univ. Warwick)

Meson spectroscopy at LHCb

  K. Kurek (NCBJ/Univ. Warsaw)

Review of longitudinal spin physics

  C. Lorce (IPN Orsay)

The proton spin decomposition: observability and physical interpretation 

  H. Moutarde (CEA - Saclay

Review of some recent developments on Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering 

  B. Parsamyan (INFN/Univ. Torino) 

Unpolarized azimuthal asymmetries in SIDIS   

  M. Pennington (JLAB) 

Directions in Spectroscopy: COMPASS points the way 

  K. Peters (GSI Darmstadt) 

The FAIR project 

  M. Radici (INFN/Univ. Pavia)

Theoretical overview of transverse spin physics in SIDIS and Drell-Yan 

  C. Riedl (Univ. Illinois)

Review of Drell-Yan experiments 

  F. Ringer (Univ. Tübingen) 

QCD resummation for semi-inclusive hadronproduction processes 

  K. Rith (Univ. Erlangen-Nbg) 

Deep-inelastic scattering – an overview    

  I. Savin, A. Nagaytsev  (JINR Dubna)

Opportunities of spin physics at NICA, Dubna

  G. Schnell (Univ. Basque Country) 

Experimental review of transverse spin physics 

  M. Stratmann (BNL) 

Theoretical review of fragmentation functions